Special Effects Gallery

Magic Flute

Hydraulic 3 Axis Gimble.

3 axis gimble head fitted to 3 mtr polearm.Gimble head is hydraulicaly controlled via custom radio handset. The system was used for filming actor flying against green screen.

Radio Controlled Character.

Fully radio controlled character for well known children's TV program. Mainly constructed from alluminium & Brass. Approx 400mm in length.

Radio Controlled Character.

Same character, now fully painted in all his glory.

Rolling Backing.

This unit was designed to fold down for easy storage in container. Can be errected by two people. Raises up to a comfortable work height.

Mechanical Horse .

Rearing horse with mechanical front legs, seen here on set of King Arthur.

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Hula Hoop dispensing machine.

Designed and Machined components for Hula machine for 'FRED CLAUS' 5 day turnaround.

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Rain Stand.

A almost complete Rain Stand from parts on CNC page. As modelled here by my good colleague Tim.

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